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Jiangsu Hengyu Textile Group Co., Ltd. has invested about 180 million yuan on introducing nylong spinning production line of Barmag, KASEN components, Japanese 33H elasticizer, Beijing Chonglee composite spinning producing line, TMT winding machine, and other advanced automation equipments. There are 2 composite spinning POY production lines, 4 composite spinning FDY production lines, 2 nylon FDY silk production lines, 12 DTY elasticizers (2 TMT double wire machines, 6 TMT elasticizers and 4 low-speed machines), and 12 flat traction machines. The company specializes in manufacturing and processing two-component polyester/cotton, composite filament, sea-island filament, SPH, CEY, PWY,...
Silk imitation linen series
Silk imitation linen series
Silk imitation linen series
Special raw material white lin
Special raw material white lin
Cationic imitation linen
Cationic imitation linen
Nylon/cotton, cotton/nylon and
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